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Your donations have always gone into a “Development” Account and used to support student travel, equipment repair and maintenance, and even the purchase of some small new equipment. We recently have had some repair bills that have brought the balance of that account to a very low level. We need your support to keep a healthy fund balance.

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John and I, and most importantly the students appreciate your support! 

The GMAN 425 Digital Workflow Engineering and Automation class

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  • Julie Kreger ""
  • Todd Zimmerman "I am donating to support the vision, Pat and team, thanks for all you do to provide exceptional talent to this great industry. "
  • Robert Stechschulte "I donated because Pat Klarecki asked me to. Keep up the good work, Pat. See you at homecoming!"
  • Joe Corcoran / Kathy Horn-Corcoran ""
  • Frank Skupien "I donated in hopes of producing more Mary Fidges in this industry!"
  • Brooke Field "Couldn't have asked for better courses or instructors - my success in my career is most definitely a result of the quality of the printing/GMM program."
  • Mary Fidge "Without the Print Program at Ferris I wouldn't be where I am today. Being able to consider myself successful AND in my industry. Thanks Pat, John, and Ramon!"
  • Bob Schwei ""
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