The Opportunity Fund #InvestInSuccess

We need 1,000 alumni and friends of Ferris to #INVESTINSUCCESS so No Bulldog is Left Behind.

The Opportunity Fund provides emergency funding for students who are experiencing a family or financial crisis, have exhausted all other means of aid, and fear not being able to complete a semester or graduate due to their crisis.

Funds may be used to assist in tuition, buying books, program supplies, tools, testing fees, internship expenses, and other student-related needs.

Many people think that they have to be able to give thousands of dollars to make an important difference.

That is not true.


At Ferris, our alumni, students, faculty and staff are the difference—and together, their gifts of any size help each generation of students find a better future.

The Opportunity Fund is sponsored by The Student Foundation, a student group whose mission is to fundraise for student scholarships and needs on campus—No Bulldog Left Behind.

For more information about The Opportunity Fund, please visit our website.

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  • Claire Gallo "Getting a degree is hard enough, can't imagine going through a financial or family crisis at the same time. I love this campaign and I love how every little bit counts!!!"
  • Jane Reagan "The astronomical cost of college today is crushing students, so every little bit from us alumni helps"
  • Edith Robbins "i hope this helps a student achieve their education goal. It took me 9 years going part time to get my degree but it was well worth it."
  • Andrew and Layna Buthker "Go Dawgs! "
  • Judith Collins "Go Dogs!"
  • Mat Vivona "All too happy to help my fellow brother and sister future Bulldogs!"
  • Kaiya Hamilton "Students, keep up the good work. Hard work pays off."
  • Janel DePew "Forever proud to be a Bulldog!"
  • Russell Mishler "Happy to help my fellow Bulldogs."
  • MaryKay MacIver "Proud of my Ferris roots! Happy to give back to our future alumni! Go Dawgs!"
  • Elyse Conley Oliver "Go Dawgs!"
  • Mike Sparling "Good Luck! Always a Bulldog!"
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